Welcome to Seepfaerdli Daycare!

Welcome to Seepfaerdli Daycare!

We hope you enjoy our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dear Parents,

We are aware of how challenging itcanbeto combine family and working life. We would be happy to support you on this journey. We make it our priority to accompany your children’s individual development in a loving and attentive way. We see ourselves as a valuable addition to the family and want to provide an environment directed at the needs of children that allows them to explore the world while gathering good, positive experiences.

We respond to the individual needs of the children and are intent on creating a family-like atmosphere that gives them emotional security as well as confidence. Your child will always be our main focus. His or her well-being is our first priority. We want your child to feel safe and loved. With a feeling of acceptance and belonging, your child can grow and develop.