Well trained staff that fulfills responsibilities independently, responsibly, and competently is a prerequisite for working with children.

Each group of children is taken care of by a group leader and a supporting caregiver as well as a student apprentice or intern.

Our daycare manager, Jasmina Baur-Rossi, has many years of experience working in daycare. Originally, she worked as a pediatric nurse for several years.

  • Jasmina Baur-Rossi, Daycare Manager
  • Katrien Ziehmann-Busschots, Daycare Manager
Jasmina Baur Rossi


Katrien Ziehmann-Busschots

Daycare Management

Nadja Tonet

Group Manager & assistant Daycare Manager

Rumer Sommer

Co-Caretaker Sunneschien

Francisca Pinto dos Santos


Inês Carranquinha da Garça


Hafsa Hossain