The first days and weeks in daycare are an extremely important time for the children and parents, as well as for the staff. Our first encounter begins the process of getting to know each other and presents the opportunity to exchange information and ask questions.

It usually takes about two weeks for new children to settle in. Parents are welcome to accompany children during this time to help in the process of getting acquainted with the caregivers and the other children. Depending on the child, the time of acclimatization may be longer or shorter. This time also provides parents with the opportunity to see first hand how we spend our days, and to become better acquainted with our staff. A sense of continuity is helpful for the children during this time. We request that you allow enough time in your schedule to help your child get settled in before you return to work. Please also be aware that even if your child seems to have acclimatized well, there can still be phases of stranger anxiety.

We will give you detailed information about the beginning weeks at your initial meeting with our daycare administration.