Caretaking Standards

Here at our daycare centre, we strive to foster a friendly and respectful atmosphere where everyone feels appreciated.

Our team channels our core values of openness and understanding as they support you on your journey through parenthood and bringing up your children. The work we do is rooted in fundamental values such as freedom, equality, tolerance, respect for one another and the environment, as well as in moral values like honesty and friendship.

Every child in our care is encouraged to express their emotions freely at any time. If a child is feeling sad, we are here to provide comfort. When they’re happy, we share in their joy. This is all part of our unwavering commitment to take each child seriously, so they are never in any doubt that their opinions and feelings are important and valuable. All of this contributes to building and boosting your child’s self-confidence.

Our educational approach is geared towards creating a nurturing and respectful environment for the children, allowing them to grow and develop at their own pace. We always strive to understand and respond to the needs and wishes of your children, ensuring they have a positive and enriching time in our care.