We support the social and playful behavior of children. Through our competent professional and personal leadership we want to give parents a good and safe feeling.

The more we give children the opportunity to be independent, trusting in their abilities and strengthening their self-confidence, the more likely our relationship with the children will be one of mutual respect. Our trained caregivers are very much aware of their great responsibility in caring for the children. As part of one of our daycare groups with fixed caregivers, your child is given the feeling of belonging and security. We want your child to feel accepted and we respect his or her needs. Play time and room for creative development are just as important as group experiences. Rituals and celebrations are a regular part of our daily routine and we are always happy to involve you as parents.

We provide the children with facilities to grow and learn at their own pace. We want them to have the opportunity to move, dance, make music, be creative, and pursue their own ideas. Cozy resting areas and book corners provide a retreat from activity. We firmly believe that it is also important for children to spend time outdoors, experiencing the changing seasons and developing a connection to nature. There is always something new to discover, whether on a farm, in the zoo, in the woods, or on the shore of the lake. We strive to make our days exciting and full of variety.